About Us

The senior management staff represents seasoned and in-depth experience developing cadastral, E-911, and utility mapping databases for Federal, County, & City Geographic Information Systems and private development engineering applications.  Data delivery formats include ArcView, ArcInfo, AutoCAD and Microstation. AGD staff experience also includes numerous relational database systems including ORACLE, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS Access, Dbase,  etc.

GIS mapping capability and experience includes both cadastral mapping from deeds as well as direct conversion of existing maps. AGD staff has extensive experience with complex E-911 database construction, including address attribution of structures and road centerlines for direct linkage to ANI/ALI data for dispatch of both landline and Phase II wireless applications.

The senior staff of AGD has an extensive background with GIS implementation within county and municipal governments, primarily within eastern US states; however, major GIS and mapping projects have also been completed and supported within more than 30 states in the past 25 years. This past background of projects has involved tax parcel mapping and/or conversion for GIS for more than 100 counties totaling nearly 3,500,000 parcels, E-911 address databases for 50 counties, and orthophoto base mapping for more than 100 counties (50,000+ orthophotos).