Tax Parcel Mapping


Atlas Geographic Data specializes in tax parcel mapping and parcel conversion using the straight conversion method.  This method invovles complete remapping from legal conveyances of deeds, plats and surveys using “COGO” (Coordinate Geometry). The straight conversion method is used when the client’s existing tax maps have been researched and deemed adequately accurate for a direct conversion and matched to digital orthophotography. Conversely, a client may choose the “COGO” method when tax maps are incomplete, inaccurate or unreliable.

Atlas provides annual parcel maintenance services for County governments whom do not have the in house resource to complete the task in a cost effective manner.

Web Development


AGD develops and hosts websites for many County Governments. We have developed GIS sites using:  ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Online (AGOL),MapGuide,  GeoServer, and other web mapping platforms.  We have also developed web applications for property information searches, deed & plat search, and project management.   It is our goal to provide the best solution in doing we have experience with many web technologies such as: nodejs, python (Django & TurboGears), java (ElasticSearch,  Spring Framework,), go, and

E911 Mapping Services

Atlas Geographic Data has extensive experience in E911 mapping.  We provide services for jurisdictions large and small and we have successfully completed projects up and down the East coast.  Along with the services listed below we also provide needs analysis, and map maintenance services.

E-911 Road Centerlines & Address Ranges for CAD:

Creating road centerline networks and attached databases for direct linkage to ANI / ALI data for dispatch of both landline and Phase II wireless applications.

E-911 Structure Addresses For CAD:

Creating point address databases used for direct linkage to ANI / ALI data for dispatch of both landline and Phase II wireless applications

E911 Re-Addressing:

Re-Addressing Counties that are still on the rural route USPS addressing system and converting to the E911 Addressing system.  This includes the USPS address conversion,  developing and delivering the Telecom provider a new MSAG & ANI/ALI, as well as working with the County to develop a public outreach program directed towards  the citizens affected by the address change.

Parcel Fabric Conversion


Atlas Geographic Data specializes in helping clients move to the ESRI Local Government Information Model including migration of land records data to the Parcel Fabric. Atlas provides support and maintenance procedures for organizations post migration to ensure good workflows and data quality.  Atlas has helped organizations large and small move to the LGIM not only to improve land records workflows and performance but to better organize and deploy GIS data and services.

Data Conversion


GIS Database Design:

AGD has expertise in parcel database design. From personal geodatabase to SDE or other enterprise GIS models, AGD can provide an intelligent database that can support the functions of a multi-purpose cadastral / GIS database. We understand that parcel data is the base upon which GIS is built, and it must have a design strong enough to bear the weight of a fully integrated and functional GIS

Database Maintenance:

After completion of the parcel conversion phase, the new digital parcel database must be maintained in order to account for new activity in the tax record. AGD is well equipped to provide this service to our clients in a timely, accurate, and cost effective manner.

Photogrammetric Services


The Senior Atlas staff has a solid background in providing Photogrammetric Services and products to County Governments for the past 30 years.  This includes orthophoto base mapping and planimetrics for more than 100 Counties across the US.

Atlas is proud to be a part of the NC statewide Orthophotography program from 2012-2017. To learn more about the NC Orthoimage program please Click Here.

Implementation, Training & Support


Atlas Geographic Data offers on site and remote training for all ESRI products and versions.  Our staff can assist with workflow development, model building, and custom scripting,  After the on site training is complete,  Atlas offers remote GIS support to many of its customers.  We are simply a phone call away!